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Tester Sides With Big Labor Over Montana Workers & Small Businesses
Senator Votes Against Bipartisan Efforts To Rein In President Obama's Labor Board

Helena, MT – Chuck Denowh, state director for the Coalition to Protect Montana Jobs (CPMTJ) today issued the following statement in response to Senator Jon Tester's vote against undoing the NLRB's new, controversial decision authorizing "micro-unions."??"It's extremely disappointing to see Senator Tester side with out-of-state Big Labor bosses on this issue instead of standing up for small business owners in Montana. With our economy still in a slump, with Montana still needing to add 16,000 jobs just to get back to pre-recession levels, you'd think that our elected officials would be doing everything in their power to improve our business climate. This vote in support of micro-unions isn't good for workers, it's not good for employers and it only helps union bosses."

The U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations voted today on an amendment to defund NLRB-imposed micro-unions. Proposed by Senator Lindsey Graham, the amendment would have forbidden any taxpayer funds from being devoted to implementing the NLRB's micro-union decision. Republicans and Democrats stood with small business owners by supporting this amendment. Unfortunately, Senator Tester sided with Big Labor and opposed Senator Graham's amendment.